SAP Expert Design Reviews

Sapiex SAP Expert Design Reviews offer services at all levels of a client's SAP environment:  infrastructure, system architecture and functional application designs (solutions).

There are two types of services provided as part of Architectural Design Reviews: Architecture Review and Architecture Design (for application of recommendations) .

SAP Expert Design Review Services

The objectives of the service are to evaluate the situation, to identify the problems, then, at the conclusion of the engagement, to deliver a final written report with recommendations.

Architecture Design Services

These services can be scheduled as the continuation of the Sapiex Expert Design Review Services or as stand-alone services.  The deliverables of these services are the detailed architecture design that can be implemented by the project team for the respected area.

Infrastructure and Architecture Reviews focus on:

  • NetWeaver Architecture for MySAP Business Applications

  • SAP Change Management and System Landscape Architecture

  • SAP Enterprise Portal Integration

  • SAP BI Solution Architecture Design

  • SAP BI System Design

  • SAP XI (PI Usage Type as of NW2004s) Solution Architecture

  • SAP XI System Architecture

  • Corporate Security Architecture

  • Data Center Architecture Design

  • Service Schedule and Delivery Method 

Sapiex SAP Expert Design Reviews typically consist of 1 to 2 weeks of work and are performed by one or more expert-level SAP System and Solution Architects.  The services are mostly delivered on-site since the consultants have to work very closely with the customer’s project team.

Architecture Design Services (as follow up to Expert Design Reviews) typically last 4 to 8 weeks and are delivered by one or more expert-level SAP System and Solution Architects, and the services can delivered either on-site and/or remotely.

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